Core Policy

The YMCA reserves the right to combine terms, arrange collaborations, or cancel any program activity that fails to meet the minimum enrollment requirements.

Refunds will not be given for reasons related to participant scheduling conflicts, unmet requests, team assignments, missed practices or games.

Situation Credit Refund Prorate Make-Ups
YMCA Controlled Decision Yes NA Yes Possibly
Family or Personal Decision NA NA NA NA
Program dropped before 1st Session or published drop date, whichever is earlier. Yes Yes NA NA
Weather-Related or Emergency Related NA NA NA Yes
Holidays* NA NA Yes NA
*Classes not held due to recognized holidays, special events or activities will be prorated in advance when schedules are published.



  • A credit was issued related to a YMCA controlled decision – request can be made to convert that credit to a refund.
  • A credit was issued related to a situation not in the YMCA’s control – a request can be made to convert that credit to a refund less a $10.00 processing fee.
  • Situations related to medical conditions of the participant will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If approved, a credit will be issued.  Documentation may be required.
  • Costs of supplies needed for a program specifically purchased for the individuals’ participation may be deducted from the issued refund, based on when the participant withdrew from the program. This may be in addition to any processing fees.
  • I understand that I must notify both the instructor/trainer and the front desk if I need to cancel a lesson. (217)544-9846 for Downtown or (217)679-1625 for Kerasotes.
  • I understand that if I fail to cancel 24 hours before the start of a scheduled lesson, I will still be charged for the lesson.
  • I understand that no refunds will be given for private lessons with the exceptions of medical emergencies with a signed note from my primary physician.
  • I understand arriving late will result in lost minutes from the lesson as lessons are frequently scheduled back-to-back. If I arrive more than 15 minutes late to a session the session can be cancelled by the instructor/trainer, and I will still be charged.